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Welcome to Gartner Research Circle, where global IT and Business leaders participate in a two-way dialogue on mission-critical topics, key initiatives and industry developments with Gartner Research & Advisory analysts and experts.

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As a Research Circle contributor, you have a unique opportunity to let Gartner know what you think about a wide range of developing research. You play an active role in shaping thought leadership for your role and industry through:

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After you provide your input, we aggregate, analyze and make the results available to you first.

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The timeline for receiving research summaries can vary depending on the scope of the research. We strive to deliver results to members within a few weeks of survey completion. So check back regularly for updates.

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Gartner experts and you: A winning team

With your contribution, Gartner experts create research relevant to your challenges and priorities. Here is an example of the power of this two-way conversation in action.

Culture can be an accelerator for the strategy

“1 in 4 members reported that their culture is an enabler to achieving their digital ambitions.” Christie Struckman VP CIO Research Group

Workforce competencies critical to success of Digital Business

“Design thinking is the most important workforce competency, followed by a second tier of innovative, outcome-driven, and collaboration/synergy to the success of their Digital business.” Lily Mok, Research Vice President, CIO Research group

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The top 3 challenges for API strategy

“Although the majority of current API capability is at a basic or intermediate level, most organization see APIs as critical for Digital Platform strategy. The main challenges that need to be addressed for API strategy are security concerns, lack of skills, and lack of API standards.” Mark O'Neill, Research Director

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