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Workforce competencies critical to success of Digital Business

“Design thinking is the most important workforce competency, followed by a second tier of innovative, outcome-driven, and collaboration/synergy to the success of their Digital business.”

Lily Mok, Research Vice President, CIO Research group

The top 3 challenges for API strategy

“Although the majority of current API capability is at a basic or intermediate level, most organization see APIs as critical for Digital Platform strategy. The main challenges that need to be addressed for API strategy are security concerns, lack of skills, and lack of API standards.”

Mark O'Neill, Research Director
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Top reasons for adopting agile development

“Development based on agile methodologies continues to grow, with 46% using agile for most or even all of their application development. Organizations are primarily adopting agile to accelerate product delivery, improve alignment between IT and business and to better manage changing priorities.”

William Holz, Research Director
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Current Stage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Adoption

“Organizations are still gathering information to inform their AI adoption strategy to facilitate decision making and automate processes. As a result, an AI initiative is most commonly deemed successful when it improves decision making and process efficiency. Organizations aim to improve operational efficiency, data management capabilities, and customer experience and engagement through the application of AI.”

Whit Andrews, VP Distinguished Analyst
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For 5G, Organizations Will be Willing to Pay…

“Availability and affordability will be key to driving adoption of 5G amongst organizations. While most companies (74%) would be willing to pay more for 5G, the remaining 26% do not believe their organization will be likely to pay more for 5G than they currently pay for 4G.”

Sylvain Fabre, Research Director
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Plans for Emerging Technologies for Customer Experience Projects

“Over the next three years, Machine Learning will be a technology to watch—with over half of organizations expecting to implement it in the next 3 years. Very few organizations have an emerging customer experience technology currently implemented— Virtual Customer Assistant has the highest penetration at just 10%.”

Nick Ingelbrecht, Research Director
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Channels Available for Business Users to Contact the IT Service Desk

“Organizations typically have between 3 and 4 IT service desk contact channels; phone is virtually universal while email and web request are also common. Social media, chatbot or artificial virtual support agents and fax machines are rarely employed methods of service desk contact. IT service desk contacts are spread across several issues with Service Requests and “Common” Software & App problems the most frequent.”

Chris Matchett, Principal Research Analyst
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2017 Initiatives Driving Application Architecture and Infrastructure Changes

“The key business initiatives driving application architecture & infrastructure changes in 2017 are digitization of products & services and customer experience projects. The top IT initiatives are modernizing or refactoring core applications as well as improving app and data integration strategies.”

Elizabeth Golluscio, Research Director
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